Death and carbon taxes

The Australian 16 May 2011

I’m going to display my slacker Gen X credentials right here and say that sometimes it makes sense to think conservatively and sometimes it’s more sensible to think progressively in much the same way that a hammer is excellent at banging in a nail, but is relatively poor for, say, soldering a circuit board.

In the case of something as fundamental as the climate of the planet, I’m pretty damn conservative on the grounds that under the current conditions, our species is (to borrow a word from one of our species’ most evolved members) “winning”.

The trouble with winning is that you can become a bit of a victim of your success, and there are quite a lot of winners around these days, coming up on 7 billion (and we’re not talking Barnaby billions here). Having all these winners about can change the rules of the game if you’re not very careful and when you’re all set up for kicking goals and the goalposts get moved on you, a great deal of unpleasantness can ensue.

Considering the evidence presented, I’m pretty certain climate change is a real problem and that, all political bullshit aside for just a second, we really need to get ourselves off the fossil fuels ASAP. If you disagree but are still functional enough to google it, feel free to google it, otherwise, well done on reading this far on your own.

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