Jobs on the line

The Australian, 15 April 2011

Looks like Paul Howes is joining industry  in rattling the old sabre (yes, a euphemism) as part of Carbon Price Rent-Seeking Madness Month.

The threat is that if it so much as looks like one job is going to be lost the AWU will withdraw support for the carbon tax, in which case he should probably just save everyone some time and toss all his toys out of the cot right now.

Reality check: some jobs are going to go from polluting industries, some are going to be created in less polluting industries, that’s the whole point.

It will be interesting how seriously Our Jules takes the threat, considering Paul’s got form in knocking over Kev last year and installing her on the understanding she keep the seat warm for him until he was ready for the gig. Some jobs are more sacred than others, I guess.


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  1. Paul Howes is a smug moron. I have never seen a better exmple of the talentless wastes of space ALP “heavies” represent. What is it that the ALP/union factions hate about political success? This latest outburst of brainless disloyalty should be treated with the contempt it deserves.

  2. Charles, if being a smug moron was grounds for sacking, there would be a lot of unemployed political cartoonists out there all of a sudden.

  3. Howes is currently running an anti-Rio Tinto campaign in Tasmania regarding pay parity for it’s workers here compared to elsewhere.
    I suggested to him on twitter that teachers, nurses and others also deserve pay parity. His response was that they do but he won’t promote such in Tasmania because he doesn’t represent them – no mention that it’d make for ‘fun time’ with the Government here.
    What a tool.

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