Friendly fire

The Australian 8 April 2011

I know it’s easy to say that secretly videoing sex so your mates can get their jollies is wrong from the comfort of a cushy chair at a drawing board, and that’s because it clearly is wrong.

Basic respect for other human beings (and yes, women are human beings too) is, when you think about it, more rather than less important when your job is handling large terrifying weapons. Good on the Defence Minister for having the ticker to point it out in no uncertain terms. Seems like the sort of bloke you’d want to have next to you in the trenches.

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  1. Loyalty is everything in the ADF – although it would appear that some are more deserving of loyalty than others… Odd cluture that will not tolerate minor infractions like tardiness, but positively encourages mob sociopathy. Yeah – well done Minister Smith & well done yet again Mr Kudelka!

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