Say it with placards

The Australian 25 March 2011

The placard is the way that crazy people announced their views to the world before twitter, and is still the social medium of choice for an angry mob, because it’s quite difficult to securely affix an iPhone to a stick (rumours of an iStick coming next spring notwithstanding) and too much spittle on the screen can void the warranty.

Now just as retweeting is not necessarily an endorsement of said tweet, being photographed in front of a placard, while not a good look, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in agreement with its sentiments, though Australians should be free to draw their own conclusions because this is a free country and I am not one to stop people from holding their own views on things.

*Note: there is no apostrophe on the placard as, while I’m not an English teacher, the grammar on the apostrophe isn’t settled yet and not even all English teachers agree on the apostrophe**.

**Okay, most English teachers probably do agree on the apostrophe, but they’re all hopeless at maths***, so the statistics aren’t in yet.

***Probably true.

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  1. Well, at least today’s witch hunting angry mob has moved on from pitchforks and flaming torches…albeit not very far. Excellent work yet again, Mr Kudelka!

  2. This is so simple it’s genius. I did something on the same topic, but didn’t have the guts to fully include the “Bob Browns Bitch” sign. But, I did put in Pauline Hanson, which I guess is just as offensive.

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