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The Australian, 28 March 2011

Looks like George Negus’ show is going up against the dodgy plumbers at 6:30.

Good luck, but it’s probably going to need a cooking segment to capture the public’s imagination.



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  1. I am no media expert, but this show is destined to fail unless it’s put up against SBS ‘late evening’ news and ABC Lateline.

  2. I might watch it at that time. I couldn’t before because it clashed with “Letters and Numbers” on SBS. I might not though, because I find George Negus’s interviewing style cringe-making. He constantly interrupts his interviewees and my Mum taught me that to do that is very, very rude indeed. George would do well to take some lessons in good manners from Richard Morecroft. Hrrrumph.

  3. Annette, I haven’t actually seen the show myself because it’s smack in the middle of deadline hell. It’s got to be better than the other two dire offerings though.

    You wish you had chest hair like that, Brian. We all do.

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