A nod’s as good as a wink

The Hobart Mercury, 5 March 2011

Remember back in the day when Gunns’ pulp mill was going to be a wonderful closed loop environmental jewel that would under no circumstances go ahead until approved by the independent umpire? Yeah, bit of a vague memory isn’t it?

The attempts by the Gunns and their wholly owned subsidiary the Tasmanian ALP to bully, bluster and bullshit their stinking pulp mill past the proper planning processes have been as antisocial as it is possible to be. Sorry, licence denied.

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  1. I agree Our Lara seems a bit one eyed on this. But it’s not one of the eyes on her face that she’s talking through. With Our Dave as AG, there’s no chance the enabling laws etc. will ever change, because that’d be admitting *shock horror* that the ALP are capable of a monumental screwup.

  2. After watching the 7.30 Report last night I think Tasmania possibly needs the pulp mill. All Tasmanians can’t thread beads for the Salamanca art shops.

  3. Great cartoon, love it.

    So disappointed that Lara is Lennon’s protege – how much is he pulling the strings in the background?

    A pox upon those who approve that damn pulpmill!

  4. Hugh, you mean that 7.30 report segment advocating that small remote islands should compete with third world countries on marginal commodities by trashing their environments aided by massive government subsidies? Yeah, I wasn’t sure if they’d thought that one through.

    There are other ways to make a quid than selling beads at Salamanca Market you know. There’s carved Huon pine fruit as well.

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