Sustainable promising

The Australian 25 Febtober 2011

Let’s just get this out of the way first: the new political correctness is that it’s not okay to call an ignorant fool an ignorant fool, but bugger it, I’m a cartoonist and cartoonists have no respect for Political Correctness Gone Mad, so if you think putting a price on carbon is a bad idea, you are an ignorant fool.

There, I said it. Feel free to go cross-eyed and red in the face, it’s a good look for an idiot.

Yesterday, the PM managed to put the case that perhaps she isn’t an ignorant fool by promising to put a price on carbon a bit down the track, details (and devil) to follow. Now that’s lovely, and before anyone starts banging on about global warming being made up, Australia going it alone is a waste of time, blardy blah blah etc, go and read the first paragraph again and shut the hell up. Where was I?

Oh yeah, Julia’s Great Big New Promise: good start, though kind of exactly the opposite of what she said she was going to do during the election, so while holding your breath would no doubt lower Australia’s emissions while we’re all waiting for the Carbon Revolution, I strongly advise against it.

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  1. Why indeed would Australia want to miss out on “Carbon Pricing” – the great new $ bonanza for the Global Financial System!!?

  2. Do you always resort to name-calling? Talk about ‘not a good look for an idiot’. How about some intelligent arguments instead?

  3. I’m not calling anyone anything, Sharon, but merely providing an opportunity for self-diagnosis. Besides, intelligent arguments are wasted on idiots.

  4. is good for finding out why stuff is happening to our weather. He is expecting another quake on 27 or 28th somewhere. He’s a scientist NOT a “new age loony’
    Who can replace Julia?

  5. Another quake? Look, I’m not a seismologist, or in fact a climate scientist, but I’m almost certain that earthquakes aren’t caused by the weather.

  6. Wally. Wally. I’ve heard of people growing to resemble their dogs. Are we now seeing more people growing to reflect their names?
    As Dean Wermer says. “..and ignorant is no way to go through life son.”

  7. You’re coming across a a very arrogant smart arse here Mr Kudelka. Maybe you should just draw cartoons and otherwise keep ya gob shut ?

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