Sorry Paul

The Australian 19 Febtober 2011

This cartoon appeared on the front of the Oz on the weekend accompanying a story about the Labor review’s recommendation that the ALP keeps the unions inside the tent.

Now, the cartoon does indeed obliquely reference Paul Howes’ genitalia, so as well as apologising to the country in general for what must have been a bit of an unpleasant surprise over breakfast, I would like to specifically apologise to Paul Howes, who turns out to be more of a sensitive chap than some of his public language might indicate.

Sorry for making jokes about your genitalia mate, it won’t happen again until the end of this sentence, though I should warn you that politics is quite a tough game and if you really want to be Prime Minister one day, you might want to harden up a bit.

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  1. A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.

    In that interview I concluded my point by saying that I had no issue with the cartoon or any of those references but that I found it hypercritical for Ackerman and other journos to be lecturing me about language when we’re all a bit guilty of using “colorful” language from time to time.

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