Ordure occurs

The Australian, 9 Febtober 2011

A cracking opening day for Parliament 2011 yesterday saw Jools having a bit of a sook, Bligh-style. Some rather unpleasant types suggested she was putting it on, but everyone agrees Tony’s 20-odd seconds of the angriest silent nodding in interview history (admittedly a niche event) was 100% real.

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  1. Whether said with malice or not, he didn’t write it down and sign it (or ask for donations). Clearly not the real Tony. Starting to suspect the Tony that came back from Afghanistan is a CIA mole. ⸘WHERE IS THE REAL TONY‽

  2. Reading Abbott’s belated and high dudgeon response to 7’s questions I couldn’t help thinking, if Gillard had been recorded saying what he’d said, how he would have leapt all over it and made her out to be some sort of heartless anti-Diggers traitor. This is a guy who can dish it out in spades but can’t take it.

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