The devil’s in the detailed programmatic specificity

The Australian 6 December 2010

The title of this blog post isn’t really relevant, but I was dying to work it into a caption when Kevin was running the joint.

Kev’s back in the news with the startling disclosure that the USA is a bit worried about China taking over the place and the less surprising revelation that Kevin had the whole thing sorted until Julia brutally stabbed him in the back, condemning the planet to Chinese totalitarian rule shortly before we all die of climate change, which Kevin also would have fixed but for That Meddling Woman.

Anyway, to the apocalypse at hand: wikileaks, huh? What’s going on there? The bottom line is that politics is based on the assumption that a majority of people are dangerous lunatics who can’t be trusted with anything sharp and the rest are complete idiots who can’t be trusted with anything sharp, hence the quite accurate principle that what people don’t know probably won’t hurt them and definitely won’t hurt us.

This is why governments are extremely keen that the dangerous lunatics/idiots outside the tent are kept in the dark about what the slightly better informed dangerous lunatics/idiots inside are up to (which mainly involves drinking cocktails and trying to look like you know what’s going on).

Unfortunately, the dangerous lunatics/idiots at wikileaks have failed to realise how the game is played in polite company (as is the wont of uninformed dangerous lunatics/idiots from outside the tent) and are revealing to the entire campsite that nobody really has a clue (except Kevin of course) possibly causing worldwide panic, even though we all knew that already.

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