Have a very wowser Christmas

The Hobart Mercury, 11 December 2010

One of the great institutions of Hobart used to be the annual drinks outside Knopwoods on the Friday before Christmas Eve. Naturally, all attempts have been made to ruin this by forcing a large fence to be erected around the area and now the council has decided that it would be far more convenient to have it a week early, which is no doubt totally correct, but does somewhat spoil the vibe.

There’s no doubt a balance exists between having a good time and a complete bloody shambles, and as I have two children and thus no idea what goes on outside the house after sunset any more perhaps heavy-handed bureaucracy is the way things get done these days, but it is sad to see a uniquely Hobart event get strangled in red tape like this.

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  1. This year Adelaide City Council will impose fines on publicans if punters drink outside standing up. They must be seated or presumably lying on the footpath dead drunk.

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