Behind The Lines

If politics is rock and roll for ugly people, political cartooning is standup comedy for ugly socially inept rampant egomaniac psychopaths… no, hang on, that’s Question Time.

Okay, it’s Twitter for people who can draw. A bit. With added deadlines.

The Behind The Lines exhibition is on again at the Museum of Australian Democracy (which has a most appropriate acronym if you leave out the “of”) at Old Parliament House. It has been put together by Guy Hansen and Laura Breen who also had the excellent taste to give me the Least Crap Cartoonist For 2010 Award, which is high praise from people who have just waded through a room full of our lunatic scribblings to create a remarkably coherent and entertaining narrative on the political shenanigans of 2010.

They’ve also stuck up the prizewinning cartoons from the school cartooning competition so we know who to squash before they can nick our jobs. There are a few crackers in that bunch as well.

If you’re in town, take a look. Or buy the book. Or both. Details here and a bit of telly about it here.

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