It’s for your own good

The Australian, 19 October 2010

Stopping kids being locked up behind razor wire is more important than “stopping the boats”. If that’s a “pull factor” then too bloody bad. That is all.

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  1. How can Julia claim the moral and humane high ground when it was Howard’s Govt that removed children from the detention requirements of the Migration Act in 2005.

  2. The cartoon’s not about the removal of children from the detention requirements of the Migration Act, it’s about the removal of children from behind razor wire. I don’t much care who takes the credit.

  3. True enough!But the cartoon show Julia releasing them over criticism from Tony. Labor claims NOW to be releasing them when Immigration Minister told the ABC’s Q&A audience that there were “no children in detention centres as such”.
    But now hundreds of them are to be released.
    A Labor Administrative shambles being spun into a positive

  4. Wally, the cartoon accompanied an article reporting that Labor IS releasing them now. Tony’s response was to say that releasing the children wouldn’t stop the boats. The point of the cartoon is that stopping the boats is in my opinion less important than releasing the children. Do you in some way disagree with this?

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