Show me the money

The Australian, 19 August 2010

When you’re the bloke who once installed Barnaby Joyce as Shadow Finance Minister, it’s hard to shake the lingering suspicion that you’re not quite the safe pair of economic hands that you claim to be. Now while Tony’s packed young Joyce off to remedial maths class, the Coalition’s costings do still seem to have a touch of the Barnaby’s about them.

If you throw two abacuses into a room full of economists, you’ll almost certainly hit two economists with entirely different opinions on pretty much everything, so my suggestion is to pick two very big and heavy abacuses and to throw them as hard as possible. If this fails to shut the economists up, the resulting spew of contradictory and bewildering jargon does somewhat underline the problem the average punter has when it comes to picking the best party for the job.

Do you go with the people who say they saved us from the GFC by building million dollar shadecloths or do you go with the Coalition which has Barnaby in it and does it really matter as long as China needs our dirt as fast as we can dig it out of the ground anyway?

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  1. Great stuff Jon! I work with a trained sculptor who has not rated your work highly until recently! I always love it and admire cartoonists for their percipience and humour! Good stuff about you on CH 2 Talking pictures last Sunday! My plural though is always ABACI! Latin!

  2. Denis, trained sculptors are notoriously slow learners, but given time, patience and understanding, they can become excellent judges of political cartoons. Gratias tibi ago.

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