Should have worried about stopping the speedos

The Sunday Telegraph, 22 August 2010

In a classic piece of misdirection, Tony Abbott suckered the Queen of the Rangas into thinking that stopping the boats was the problem when all the time she should have been worrying about the budgie smugglers.

Is it any coincidence that Tony ‘s been running around the country in suspiciously bulging lycra and all of a sudden Right-Wing Budgies* are popping up all over the place? Especially in the warmer states where a bloke wearing speedos wouldn’t be out of place??

Coincidence? I think not.

The above map was my best guess of how the election was going to turn out for The Sunday Tele. Of course, the devil’s in the detail and crack squads of well-armed zoo-political commandos have been deployed to see what sort of exotic fauna is infesting the non ranga/budgie electorates. Whatever wildlife they bring back to Canberra, it’s going to be one hell of a circus.

*Right-Wing Budgie or melopsittacus megalodextrous – endemic Australian budgerigar particularly noted for its repetitive cry of “stop the boats!” while flying in circles.

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