In case of nothing to do, use up all my bandwidth

UPDATE: Sorry, the original of this cartoon has already been sold! I’m told it’s hanging in a board room in London. Make of that what you will…

To buy an A5 sized signed archival print, it’s a special price of $12 Australian including postage (flat rate, worldwide) until 7 January 2011. [wp_cart:Kudelka Ennui Emergency print:price:12.00:end]


If you couldn’t access my site this morning, and I know this website is very important to you, dear reader, it went into meltdown due to the above haiku getting on the front page of reddit. Anyway, I think I’ve sorted it out, and if you want to, you can buy the t-shirt here and the mug here.

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  8. You DO know that’s not a haiku, right?
    In case of nothing(5)
    To do, break glass and then(6)
    Sweep up broken glass(5)
    It should be a five-seven-five line, not five-six-five.

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