…and round we go again

The Mercury 25 May 2010

Astonishingly, it turns out that all of a sudden, bulldozing Tasmania’s forests for woodchips might not be the smartest way of doing things after all. While this clearly is a bit of a shock to everyone because frankly it’s the first anybody’s heard of it, a solution is at hand!

Firstly, it turns out it was all der meeja’s fault and the meeja should quietly hang its head in shame while a round table of currently unspecified diameter (to be advised in good time) is prepared (as soon as we find a nice bit of timber that isn’t in little pieces).

Secondly, there are chairs to be organised, and some time after that with any luck everyone will have forgotten about the whole not-bulldozing-the-forests-for-woodchips thing, the market will have picked up a bit and it can be Business As Usual, at least until the next crisis.

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