Not a big fan of apple at this point in time

I’ve been keeping an eye on Mark Fiore’s political animations for as few years. While some people think it’s the evolution of the newspaper political cartoon, I personally think it’s an entirely different beast. Nonetheless, it’s an entirely legit form of satire, as Fiore recently proved by winning a Pulitzer prize.

Obviously mobile devices are where short animations of this type are really going fly, and naturally a Mark Fiore iPhone App makes sense. However, Apple didn’t feel the same way and rejected him from the App Store with the following letter:

Dear Mr. Fiore,
Thank you for submitting NewsToons to the App Store. We’ve reviewed NewsToons and determined that we cannot post this version of your iPhone application to the App Store because it contains content that ridicules public figures and is in violation of Section 3.3.14 from the iPhone Developer Program License Agreement which states:
“Applications may be rejected if they contain content or materials of any kind (text, graphics, images, photographs, sounds, etc.) that in Apple’s reasonable judgment may be found objectionable, for example, materials that may be considered obscene, pornographic, or defamatory.” Examples of such content have been attached for your reference.
If you believe that you can make the necessary changes so that NewsToons does not violate the iPhone Developer Program License Agreement, we encourage you to do so and resubmit it for review.
iPhone Developer Program

I’ve been using Macs for a long time, and I do think that Apple make might fine computers, however, they clearly don’t have the first idea when it comes to satire.

As Apple look like they’re attempting to rule the world as far as convergent media is concerned, this is a pretty alarming development and I really wish they’d pull their heads in – somewhere below turtleneck level if at all possible.

Info via Gizmodo.

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