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Just a note about the Tasmanian election. As of 6pm today (Friday Feb 19) it’s pretty much breaking the law in Tasmania to say anything on der interweb without adding your authorisation including name and address. As I am not a complete cretin, I’m not all that keen on publishing my home address on der interweb, so will be leaving the election cartoons in The Merc and not putting them up here until it’s all over. Prints and originals are still available, so contact me in the usual way.

Hopefully this isn’t election comment, but seriously, somebody needs to think this part of the Electoral Act through for next time. These days, posting your stupid opinions on the internet is more like a conversation than publishing, so this sort of stuff is ridiculously intrusive, and while I’m all for putting your name on what you say (large capital letters bottom right hand corner usually) the practicalities need to be thought through.

Some thoughts on the matter from Digital Tasmania here and another quite clever fellow here.

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