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Well, Big Red In The Tub finally sold on ebay for $1277 and will be most appropriately gracing the buyer’s newly designed bathroom. Bon voyage big fella, I have plans for a great big Bartlett In The Sandpit for next year if he survives that long.

Just one final parting pleasure for Paul Lennon’s portrait – I was checking my blog stats the other day and one of the google search terms that brought someone to the site was “erotic hot tubbing paintings”. I can only imagine the poor chap’s disappointment when Big Red appeared… or perhaps it was just what was wanted, which is indeed an appalling thought, but the internet’s a broad church. Different strokes and all that…

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  1. Re your Oz Day cartoon. You may appreciate this one:


    Australians all, let us recoil.
    We once were young and free.
    Our golden land we wrecked by toil,
    Our water looks like pee.

    Our land abounds in Nature’s gifts,
    But wisdom has been rare.
    Our pollies do not want to know –
    Recant Australians fair.

    In determined strains then let us sing:
    ‘Reclaim Australia fair’.

    Donald Richardson
    Australia Day, 2002

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