It’s only patriotic until somebody starts a riot

flag terrorists
Apparently, organisers have received intelligence of suicide flaggers targeting this year’s Big Day Out and in the interests of public safety have asked people to leave their flags at home. If the spirit of rock and roll is not completely dead amongst the youth of this country, this should result in every single attendee turning up looking like Bruce Ruxton at a dress-up-like-the-flag-or-you’re-a-poofter themed barbie on Anzac day all the way down to their packets of vegemite flavoured condoms.

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  1. Hi Jon.
    I liked this cartoon. Where’s the suicide bit? I was speaking to some anumators yesterday and one female colleague said her 16 year old sister has Australian flag print bikinis; now that is the antithesis to a Muslim lady’s Sunsmart apparel.

    Anyhow I think we should send some of our good quality flags to the Middle East this (northern) winter. I saw some poor people on a media clip trying to keep warm around an American flag that was obviously made out of paper and coloures in with mud and the burnt end of sticks (it was hardly recognisable) and by the colour of the flames, not generating much heat.

    Maybe our Big Brothers in the States could send over some hemp flags, so when the angries breathe in their world becomes all peace and love?

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