101 Uses For a John Howard

swiss army johnnyAnnouncing a new and exciting waste of time: The John Howard Project. I will be boldly attempting to suggest in cartoon form 101 ways that our Prime Minister can keep himself amused in his (hopefully) inevitable retirement years. If anyone seems to care, I will turn them into a bestselling book just in time for Christmas.

If indifference ensues, I’ll just stop, which means without any incentive to retire, John Howard will keep on being Prime Minister for ever and ever until Menzies is nothing more than a vague and happy memory and the only beings alive in a post-nuclear-holocaust Australia will be John Howard and giant mutant cockroaches who he will probably teach to play cricket and make himself captain and we don’t want that to happen so go and have a look and post comments and be generally nice about it.

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  1. Hi there Jon,

    Claire just sent me a photo of Kate (?).
    Congratulations, you self-replicating human! Have a non-carcinogenic smoking device on me! She’s beautiful.

    Welcome to the Parent’s Club. Now you know. It’s a different perspective, isn’t it? And you know what? We’re in the middle now………….it’s a generational thing.

    Best wishes, and congratulations!

    Jason. Congrats to Margie, too.

  2. I cant log onto the web site 101 uses for a john howard. Whats going on?

    Have idea though.
    I watched the new inventors last night, they had a piss target for the toilet, to aim at, what better than a john howard piss target, the warm water from the pee makes the picture show. beautiful

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