101 Uses For A John Howard

In honour of the 20th anniversary of John's Ascension To The Top Job Not Including The Captaincy Of The Test Side I found an unopened box of 101 Uses For A John Howard in the attic.

From the back of the book:

Kids overboard, never-ever GST, non-core promises, he’s been taking the piss for over a decade.

The wildly popular blog 101 uses for a John Howard has been analoguely remastered and printed in book form for all those Australians who still can’t get a decent internet connection.

See Johnny try out new careers as a urinal, boomerang, couch, barbecue starter, obese monkey, splayd, Dark Lord of the Sith, dodgy seafood, eighth dwarf, breast implant, garden gnome, the solution to global warming, and inflatable love doll and many more.

With 10% extra GST drawings not seen on the website and the copy re-edited to be even funnier, virtually typo-free and good for your spleen, this is a book even veterans of the digital version can enjoy.

Make Australia Great Again and buy a copy. Ten bucks until they're all gone.