Electric Dreams

The Hobart Mercury 24 November 2012

Can the market make your electricity bills cheaper? Well probably not, but they might make them less more expensive down the track. At least we’ll get to choose who we’ll be robbed by, anyway, which is nice.

On a more cheerful note, I am at Salamanca Market today so come and be robbed by me for $15 and you will get a lovely calendar in exchange.

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Headbanging for peace

The Hobart Mercury 7 August 2012

Today we learned two unsurprising things. Firstly, Gunns’ proposed pulp mill has been relegated to unproposed and secondly, everyone is in agreement that there is still no agreement on agreeing on how much of Tasmania’s forests we should be chopping down, which is at least a start, but perhaps the government would like to have another crack at it. Hahaha. Good luck with that. No really.

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