Keeping Sydney safe from comedy

winning the war on satire
When one has been made to look like a complete and utter twat by having one’s $250 million security lockdown infiltrated by a handful of piss-takers on an ABC budget of probably a slab of beer and a medium sized margarita pizza, one should have the good grace to laugh. It seems the only bloke with a sense of humour is Alexander Downer, and that’s a worry.

Harry Highpants

harry Highpants
Here’s the latest book illustrated by the annoyingly talented Tom Jellett. The piccies are lovely and the story is about pants and pants are always funny. Go and buy a copy from the nearest quality bookstore.

Harry Highpants

Illustrated by: Tom Jellett
Written by: Tony Wilson

Everybody in town wears their pants at a different height: Mum is on the high side and the builders down the road are definitely on the low side. Harry Highpants wears his pants very, very high. Then Roy Bland, running for Mayor, decides to make a law saying that all pants must be worn at ‘normal height’. As a result the kids organise a Free Pants Convention, a festival of pants. And Harry Highpants shows himself to be a pants champion, and strikes a blow for pants freedom!

We’re a happy club at Hawthorn…

club song
This cartoon appeared in the Review section of the Weekend Australian August 4-5 and seems to have struck a chord with supporters of the mighty Hawks (Tassie Hawks to us Tasmanians and for only $15 million bucks…)

Anyway, it’s up for sale as a print or fabulous T-shirt on Redbubble. Go the mighty Hawks unless they’re playing Collingwood. Or the Swans. I’m kind of fickle.


down on his blood sugar
I’m using a new service for prints of my work called redbubbble. My page there is at and if the image you want a print of isn’t there, just email me and I’ll make sure it soon is. I’ve recently uploaded the above image after a request for a print. Unfortunately I can’t seem to get a return email through, so if you’re out there, the print’s available!