Line In The Sand

For the non-locals here, Line In The Sand refers to Tasmanian premier David Bartlett’s attempt to politically distance himself from his party’s utterly disgraceful fast-tracking of Gunns’ stinking pulp mill proposal.

In modern internet terms, I believe the phrase is “epic fail”.

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Messing around in boats

The Weekend Australian 31/10/09 - 1/11/09

The Weekend Australian 31/10/09 - 1/11/09

The boat people question is not, in fact, as complicated as everyone is making out. It boils down to the simple question: “How unpleasant a pack of arseholes do we want to be?”

Acting like a complete pack of arseholes will undoubtedly deter people from wanting to come here, the downside being, of course, that we will be a big pack of stinky arseholes. Not that tricky to work out, you decide.