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The Australian

The Australian 12 December 2015

This cartoon was considered much too cheerful for the 2016 calendar, but some people wanted to buy it so here it is. If you want a calendar, and if you don’t there is something terribly wrong with you, you should get one here.

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Relay For Life



I’ve donated the original framed artwork of The Mulch Harvest from the Hobart book for a raffle for one of my kids’ favourite teachers. She is currently being treated for┬ácancer and is doing the Relay For Life. She is a lovely person who taught both my kids to love reading and writing. If you have a lazy $5 that will get you 5 tickets in the raffle with lots of excellent prizes. Not many left.

(please include your phone number in your order)

Five tickets for $5 [wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=422]