A Bard With Any Other Hair

The Australian 17 September 2016

The Australian 17 September 2016

See Spot Run

The Australian

The Australian 12 December 2015

This cartoon was considered much too cheerful for the 2016 calendar, but some people wanted to buy it so here it is. If you want a calendar, and if you don’t there is something terribly wrong with you, you should get one here.

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Book Yoga



The Tasmanian Writers’ Festival starts today and I did a special art print for it. Prints will be available at the festival or you can buy one here. Click the image in the buy now thing below and it should pop up a bigger image (it won’t make you buy one if you do this though you totally should buy one).

I’m also doing “Whisky Tales – Stories You Can Drink To” with Brett Steel and Bernard Lloyd on Saturday night but it’s sold out so you can’t come. Unless you bought a ticket obviously. Look, there are lots of excellent things on and you should go.

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Illustrating The Now


I will be having session at the Tasmanian Writers’ Festival with First Dog On The Moon and Chris Downes called “Illustrating The Now” in which we shall divulge the secrets of the black art of political cartooning. It is on this Saturday at 2pm and you may buy tickets here. Do come along, it will be lovely.

Happy Mardi Gras


In honour of the big day in Sydney, here’s a cartoon I just found looking through the archives for another cartoon. Yes, this is from back in the days when I drew stuff in ink on paper and the cartoons were printed in (shudder) black and white. Anyway, here you go. Have a lovely time.

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Worst Best Hobbit

The Australian 21 April 2012

The Australian 21 April 2012

Look, rather than paying $20 or so to go and see a third of the Hobbit at the movies, you should definitely pay just $15 and get a calendar that covers the entire year with twelve glorious full-colour cartoon drawn in cutting edge 2-D (though I am thinking of selling it as a trilogy for 2014).

*Spoiler alert: Gollum appears as Mr February next year.

Everything you need to know about Easter

Easter can be a confusing time for heathen types like people who read this blog, so this cartoon pretty much sums it up in case somebody asks what is going on.

Anyway, happy Easter. Be safe etc.

A5 print $44 [wp_cart:easter_print_A5:price:44.00:end]

A4 print $66 [wp_cart:easter_print_A4:price:66.00:end]

A3 print $88 [wp_cart:easter_print_A3:price:88.00:end]

A Taste of Nostalgia

I was mucking out the attic and just found this old thing. I’m pretty sure it was for the 5th Taste Of Tasmania, which places it around 1993 0r 94 when the world was a simpler place. They ran it on page 4 of The Mercury and I do remember drawing it in a bit of a hurry as I may have lingered to have a second or possibly third beer before moseying up to the drawing board.

Good times (click for a larger version).

The mildly controversial cartoon for April

Nothing much to add on the political cartoon front, so here is the (as promised) the mildly controversial cartoon for April from my calendar, which you really should buy. There has been some very mild controversy about it, well one chap got grumpy at me about it on blasphemy grounds during my exhibition and then his wife told him to harden up and then she bought two. Follow her example.

’tis the season to photocopy

The Australian 2 December 2011

Here is last weekend’s Sightgeist by popular demand. Pretty much a shoo-in for the 2013 calendar.

Oh, did I mention I have a 2012 calendar you can buy? You should definitely buy one. Wouldn’t want to start the new year without a calendar.

Available as a print as well:

A5 print $44 [wp_cart:tis_the_season_print_A5:price:44.00:end]

A4 print $66 [wp_cart:tis_the_season_print_A4:price:66.00:end]

A3 print $88 [wp_cart:tis_the_season_print_A3:price:88.00:end]

Saint Wally on the wall at the Sidespace Gallery

The Australian 8 October 2011

Saint Wally and 19 other Sightgeist cartoons are up at the Bread and Circuses exhibition at the Sidespace Gallery in the Salamanca Art Centre 9am to 5pm this weekend. So find your bloody wallet and come and buy a print or a calendar. You may also come and say nice things to me and/or buy me coffee.

Hobart Winter Bus Stop Blues

I’ve* assembled a crack team to take out this year’s Salamanca Arts Centre Tasmania to Antarctica themed Quiz Night, and in honour of the month have donated the above ink and watercolour Hobart/Antarctic July-inspired drawing for the silent auction.

…And as the meta-theme for this post is themes, to keep with the charity theme I’m selling a limited edition of ten signed A5 digital archival prints of the above piece for $66 each and will be donating the lot to the East Africa Red Cross Appeal because let’s face it, a nippy wait for the bus isn’t that big a deal in the scheme of things.

So if you want one, click add to cart button below – $66 (unframed) postage included.

Hobart Winter Bus Stop Blues print unframed $66 [wp_cart:hobart_winter_blues_print_unframed:price:66.00:end]

*Okay, Maggie did the team assembling, as is apparent from the actual assembling of said team a week in advance rather than next Sunday afternoon.

Put your faith in chocolate

The Weekend Australian Review 25 June 2011

I’ve been drawing The Sightgeist for the Review section of the Oz which is kinda a bit sorta on the same topic as the article beneath it this week’s being on religious faith). Having quite a lot of these now, I was considering collecting them into a book for your delectation, which would require the transfer of actual cash money in my direction.

So feel free to carefully consider the below options, then click “both”…

Would you buy a Sightgeist cartoon…

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Indicator rage @ Spacebar gallery

Framed ink and watercolour. Part of the Haikudelka exhibition, yours for $330 inc GST from Spacebar Gallery off Wooby’s Lane in Salamanca.

If you want to buy it and you’re not in the neighbourhood, it’s $350 inc postage. Contact me to buy as I’ll have to check it isn’t already sold.

Indicator Rage print unframed $33 [wp_cart:indicator_rage_print_unframed:price:33.00:end]


Kite Mimes up @ Spacebar Gallery

acrylic on canvas 25cm x 30cm (no frame)

This has been a bit of a favourite in the studio for a while, but I have generously decided to give someone the chance to have it on their wall for real cash money. $440 inc GST from Spacebar Gallery off Wooby’s Lane in Salamanca.

If you want to buy it and you’re not in the neighbourhood, it’s $460 inc postage. Contact me to buy as I’ll have to check it isn’t already sold.

UPDATE: The Kite Mimes original is sold! Prints still available.

It’s also available as a signed print (image size approx 17cm x 20cm). Prices include GST and delivery.

Kite Mimes print unframed $66 [wp_cart:kite_mimes_print_unframed:price:66.00:end]

Kite Mimes print framed $240 [wp_cart:kite_mimes_print_framed:price:240.00:end]




Where keys go

I’ve been drawing Dopey Bay for about 15 years now. While people say Chooka’s a bit like me, and his best girl Shazza sometimes repeats stuff my wife said the other day word for word, that is of course entirely coincidental.

This cartoon however, is completely autobiographical. Still wondering how they got there.

Nothing takes the edge off global warming like a nice cold G&T

The Weekend Australian Sightgeist, 4 December 2010

I just like this one, and somebody wants a print, so here ’tis (click the Add To Cart button and shopping cart will appear below).

A4 print $66 [wp_cart:polar lime print A4:price:66.00:end]

A3 print $88 [wp_cart:polar lime print A3:price:88.00:end]


Cartoon of the year

At the end of the year, I like to gloat over my stats and see which cartoon was most popular, because I am a sad and lonely person, and the cartoon that got the most hits was Ennui Emergency.

Sorry, the original of this cartoon has already been sold. I’m told it’s hanging in a board room in London. Make of that what you will…
Also, I saw on a discussion board that somebody was actually trying to make one of these. If you actually ended up doing it, send me a pic. That would be pretty cool.

New pic up @ Spacebar, maaaaate

Secret Handshake

Bovine Terrorists has sold, so it’s Secret Handshake‘s turn to go up against the wall at Spacebar.

For $440 it’s all yours framed and ready to go on your wall to impress your friends and crush your enemies, and vice versa if you are so inclined. If you don’t live in Hobart and you want it, contact me here and I’ll see what I can do…

Now for that flying machine…

It’s been a bit of a Renaissance for, well, Renaissance cartoons for me in the past few weeks. Anyway, I’ve had a few requests for prints of this one, so if you want one, you can either contact me or just buy one now. Prints use quality Epson inks on archival textured paper and look bloody fantastic if you ask me.

A4 signed print $66 [wp_cart:Leonardo Airport Security A4 print:price:66.00:end]

A3 signed print $88 [wp_cart:Leonardo Airport Security A3 print:price:88.00:end]


Ask me anything

The Australian 27 October 2004

The Australian Public Intellectual Network have released their list of the  top 40 Australian Public Intellectuals, and yet again I have bewilderingly been overlooked. I was probably number 41, so if I was Glyn Davis, I’d be watching my back.

I’m putting the final touches on an exhibition of gag cartoons at the Sidespace (very likely opening tomorrow if I can get everything sorted) and dug this cartoon out of the depths of a deceased laptop’s hard drive. So there, I’ve mentioned the exhibition, so I’d better get on with it.

Stupid top 40 Australian Public Intellectuals. It’s because I don’t wear skivvies you know.

In case of nothing to do, use up all my bandwidth

UPDATE: Sorry, the original of this cartoon has already been sold! I’m told it’s hanging in a board room in London. Make of that what you will…

To buy an A5 sized signed archival print, it’s a special price of $12 Australian including postage (flat rate, worldwide) until 7 January 2011. [wp_cart:Kudelka Ennui Emergency print:price:12.00:end]


If you couldn’t access my site this morning, and I know this website is very important to you, dear reader, it went into meltdown due to the above haiku getting on the front page of reddit. Anyway, I think I’ve sorted it out, and if you want to, you can buy the t-shirt here and the mug here.