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I’m a freelance cartoonist and animator. My cartoons appear regularly in The Australian and The Hobart Mercury.

I do love to boast, so it’s fortunate that in 2008 I went from being a non award-winning cartoonist to being a multi award-winning cartoonist, current gongs are:

My animations appear more sporadically, but there are a few samples on this site.

If you want to pay me to draw some cartoons or animations for you, I’m not taking on any extra commissions at the moment because I’m absolutely chokkas. If you really really really want me to do something and no other cartoonist or animator will do, then contact me here, but be prepared for me to be terrifyingly expensive.

If you want to buy an original or print of something that’s been in the paper, go here.

Life Drawing

Life drawing has been one of my favourite hobbies since my Grade 10 art teacher Pru Melrose suggested I might enjoy it (thanks Pru!). I continued at Elizabeth College, taking classes taught by John Blaine who could teach life drawing for Australia should it ever become an Olympic sport.

I now pop along to the Julian Ashton of an evening occasionally with the annoyingly talented Tom Jellett for their sketch club, which is handily situated quite close to a nice pub. It is an extremely civilised affair.

I’ve included a drawing below. There are some more pics in the Life Drawing category if you’re interested, as I can’t see there being an exhibition in the near future…lifedraw1.gif


I do a wide range of animation and storyboarding work from web to TVCs to film. My area of expertise is 2D animation and some examples are included below.


four unaustralians

A short animation about sedition. Watch it here.


spikey joe's truck

Spikey Joe’s Truck is a 7 minute animation about an angry man’s angry struggle with his very crap truck. It was produced by Blue Rocket Productions and fully funded by Screen Tasmania.

The animation was made using Messiah and the finished product was rendered to give a 2D look.

I was director and storyboard artist for the film.

Spikey Joe’s Truck has been shown at


My favourite cheese is Tasmanian Heritage White Diamond. You should try it. It’s really nice.

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