21 thoughts on “No cause for alarm

  1. A great cartoon – thankyou.

  2. Spot on

  3. Brilliant! Almost a perfect analogy – except that the “bushfire skeptic” is only putting himself at risk, not delaying efforts to help others. Unless of course he has his grandkids inside the house…

  4. Any of you seen the TV spots the NSW government has running urging people to have a bush fire plan?

  5. Isn’t it funny to observe how many people instinctively think that the panicking person is right. The cartoon did not tell if there really was a bushfire or just a barbacue. Yes, a nice analogy indeed.

  6. Ah, the guy from the cartoon is here. Good luck, mate.

  7. The firemans uniform gives him authority to state there is a fire. Publishing gives scientists the same. If we don’t trust scientists, what’s making all this technology work, black magic?

  8. Jon, you are brilliant! How can there still be skeptics?

  9. Good point John, but just to clarify for sokrates – publishing in peer reviewed scientific journals gives scientists authority, not publishing in general. Most deniers don’t seem to understand or know the distinction.

  10. Seems unlikely to be from the Australian…that rag has a proven history of appalling bias on climate issues. Of course they could be going for faux-balance…nice to have an out when the stuff hits the fan..(“we were just being balanced”).
    I wouldn’t mind if the denialists had some valid arguments and alternatives but they just repeat the same ignorant mantra: “It aint happening… well if it is it isn’t important…OK it’s important but it’s natural and hubris to try and fix…then finally: “Help my kids are dying of heat…I pay taxes you know!”

  11. It’s good to see my cartoon is helping you re-examine your own prejudices, Andy.

  12. Not really… I work with climate scientists and have seen all the recent data and science…much scarier than most folks realise! I’m also well versed with the tactics of business interests creating FUD, and the oldies with “it’s all rubbish”. I’m guessing there are only so many paradigm shifts one can handle in a lifetime.
    If you mean my “prejudice” against the Australian…that”s just calling it as I see it and there is plenty of examples! The power of cartoons is great…can often bypass and surpass “real” journalism!

  13. Oh Andy, you were doing so well.

  14. I have no idea what either of your replies mean! Snippets can be misinterpreted so I’ll assume you are being cute. :-)

  15. There’s that bias again, Andy. Come on mate, open mindedness is not just for Christmas.

  16. Crossed line or a AI bot? Cats are great! Fleebledoodleblah…

  17. It’s okay Andy, you’ve taken the first step.

  18. Definitely a bot! Fooled me there for a bit…signing off!

  19. Don’t be a stranger.

  20. […] This cartoon from The Australian (17 January 2013) seems quite topical (thanks to  No cause for alarm | Kudelka Cartoons). […]

  21. […] This cartoon from The Australian (17 January 2013) seems quite topical (thanks to  No cause for alarm | Kudelka Cartoons). […]

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