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Paul Howes Saves Tasmania

The Hobart Mercury 12 May 2012

It’s great to have someone of the tactical calibre and nous of Paul Howes (you might know him from such triumphs as the removal of Kevin Rudd from the Prime Ministership) flying down from the inner western suburbs of Sydney to lecture us backward Tasmanians on not listening to people flying down from the eastern suburbs of Sydney to lecture us about how to run the place.

Particularly, his brilliant idea of “muscling up” to environmentalists┬áis breathtakingly original and will work much better than the previous tactic of muscling up to environmentalists that hasn’t gone so well for the last 30 years or so. Thanks for coming Paul, you’ve been an enormous help.

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8 thoughts on “Paul Howes Saves Tasmania

  1. Most excellent. ‘cept your comment which is ~30% inaccurate as to how long the unions have been bashing greenies.

  2. That was the “or so” part.

  3. Ha ha. You are a funny bastard.

  4. You nailed it. Nothing better than when a cartoon exactly sums up your own reaction to reading a story.

  5. Hey!.. just what sort of behavioural model do you expect of one who got Trotskyist training on the island of Cuba!? :/

  6. I would have thought bashing up on the Greens wont do much to win back dissilusioned Labour voters who are voting Green, possibly adding the slide option to a downward spiral.

  7. Love it Jon. The shopping cart stuff seems to be broken though.

  8. Ah, this was before I switched shopping carts. Still working backwards to get all the buttons upgraded.

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